Impact of Perceived External and Internal Corporative Social Responsibility on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Moderated Mediated Model


Since the growing interest of organizations has turned the corporate social responsibility into one of the top trends influencing the organizations, the thrust of contemporary scholars for the research on CSR has also increased. The trend of research on CSR is exponential and more than half of the peer-reviewed articles on CSR have been published during the last decade, but the extant literature has mainly focused on macro CSR rather than on micro CSR. Similarly, most of the previous work of CSR has been made in context of developed countries and has largely overlooked the developing countries. However, a few studies related to micro CSR have appeared on interaction between CSR and organizational psychology in leading Journals recently but the impact of perceived CSR on employee outcome behavior has not been explored fully yet. The purpose of present study was to fill this gap by identifying the path of employees’ external and internal perception of CSR and observe the mediation and moderation process through employees’ attitude and outcome behavior. The data was comprised of sample of 1015 and collected through convenience sampling from telecom sector Pakistan. The telecom industry was selected as it was highly involved in CSR activities as compared to other service industries in Pakistan. The results have been derived through structural equation modeling (SEM). The study is unique in a sense that it is the first study in Pakistan in the domain of micro CSR that articulate perceived external and internal CSR with OCB through sequential mediation. Further, the role of collectivism as moderator enhanced the role of perceived internal and external CSR on several relationship of attitudes and outcome behavior. The findings suggest that CSR is an investment for the organizations but it cannot reap the fruit of its investment unless the employees perceive it useful. Therefore, employees need to be given proper attention through internal and external CSR for achieving the better organizational goals.

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