This course is designed with emphasis placed on the role of the pharmacist in medication dispensing and patient care. The course will provide students with essential skills in the areas of compounding and extemporaneous preparations to meet specific patient needs.


CLO: 1. To comprehend fundamental operations in compounding, extemporaneous dispensing and labelling of different dosage forms
CLO: 2. To perform skillfully laboratory experiments related to compounding and dispensing of pharmaceutical preparations by operating different laboratory equipment and execute relevant calculations and results.
CLO: 3. To analyze given data using basic concepts of dispensing and compounding and identify and correct different pharmaceutical incompatibilities


  1. Mixtures:
    • Dispensing of simple mixtures containing soluble substances only, mixtures containing diffusible substances, in-diffusible substances and mixtures forming precipitate.
  2. Powders:
    • Dispensing of simple powders, compound powders and effervescent powders for external use. Incompatibility: Practical importance of Incompatibilities.
  3. Ointments and Creams:
    • Dispensing of iodine and Methyl salicylate ointment. Dispensing of cold cream and vanishing creams.
  4. Cosmetics:
    • Lipstick, talcum powder, after shave lotion, shaving cream. Note: A minimum of 20 practicals will be conducted).
  5. Health Science Research Project:
    • In the area of health care system, community pharmacy. Establishment of DIC, PCC