BS PSYCHOLOGY at MAJU follows the guidelines of HEC, consisting of a quality four-year program for better industry acceptance. We aim to fulfil all the fundamental needs to build a strong base for the future psychologist in Pakistan.

Our BS in Psychology strives to generate leaders in industry or academia by demonstrating their knowledge and skills—psychology carters the technical, human and managerial skills to benefit individuals and society.

Human intellect is as complex as human emotions are. Psychology is all about reading the psyche- Life and Logos- explanation. The course fulfils the duties in the field and industry requirements to deal with the nerve-breaking challenges that a psychologist may face working.

At MAJU, the BS- Psychology is an in-depth academic course, covering subject fundamentals and offering three advanced variations to choose from for their students.

The deviations are available after the successful completion of the base course with further choices in clinical psychology, industrial psychology and education psychology. Furthermore, the faculty of psychology consists of a well-blended combination of industry expertise and the latest knowledge with a knack for research.

Psychologists work in hospitals and clinics. They work as counsellors or therapists in schools and universities. Or in the areas of marriage, religion, crime, and other disciplines.

Clinical Psychology

The specialisation in clinical psychology will empower our students in Clinical Psychology, Psychophysiology, Neuro Sciences, and child and adult counselling.

In the long term, this will empower our students to understand and resolve the complex human problems that affect society. Undertaking clinical psychology as an academic discipline will enable our students to help individuals improvise their mental health. We teach students by applying practical techniques.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), cognitive analytic therapy (CAT), psychodynamic therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) are some of such techniques.

Industrial Psychology

 A Bachelor’s with a specialisation in Clinical Psychology will serve as a pre-requisite for a master’s in the same, fulfilling the requirement of becoming a Clinical Psychologist in Pakistan

With the industrial revolution, the significance of industry arises to a recognisable extent. Moreover, the advancement of technology increased the complexity of human relations, efficiency and effectiveness.

Hence, MAJU has opened the gateway to the most important branch of psychology, focusing on industry and organisation and its associations.

You will learn human resource management, consumer behaviour, leadership and counselling in this specialisation option. With this study plan, a student can join multiple industries and organisations in Pakistan. It could be any one of Banking, Telecom, IT or Education sector.

Education Psychology

As the name suggests, education psychology links with education and training. The main focus is the behaviour, cognitive approach, and social and emotional processes. This branch of Psychology addresses the teaching and training method to increase and enhance the positive outcomes and efficiency of training methods.

The learning disorders like  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia are the focus of solutions in education psychology.

You can go for a school counsellor job, or you may also use these skills to enhance your teaching methods if you choose academia.