BS Economics – Scope, Career Pathways, and Salary

BS Economics – Scope, Career Pathways, and Salary

Are you unsure about choosing BS economics for your bachelor’s? Well, don’t worry at all. I have got you covered. I will describe everything you need to know about this degree in this article. So, if you want answers to those perplexing questions, keep reading.  

I cannot say anything for sure about what lies ahead or which careers will be the most rewarding in the coming years. However, it is undoubtedly true that a profession in business, finance, or economics is ideal.  

Every year, a large number of students major in BS economics. Why? That is because of how promising the area has always been in Pakistan. Another reason is that the scope of this field is gradually expanding.  

Therefore, deciding to pursue a career in economics is the smartest decision you will ever make. In addition to providing access to a wide range of career options, the study of economics will also be the path to a secure future and fulfilling career. 

What is BS Economics? 

BS economics is a four-year degree program that provides students with a solid economic foundation. The study of economics is concerned with the actions and interactions of economic agents, as well as the functioning of markets. 

You can better prepare for entry-level jobs in banks, international businesses, public or private corporations, research, and educational institutions by majoring in economics in your undergraduate degree. 

The BS economics course at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University aims: 

  • To provide comprehensive knowledge of macroeconomics and microeconomics to promote understanding of current socioeconomic challenges. 
  • To educate people about the theories and ideas required to create public welfare policies. 
  • To impart knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and approaches to suggest modern solutions to complicated socioeconomic problems. 

Scope of BS Economics in Pakistan 

Pakistan had political chaos, an economic crisis, and massive flooding in 2022. The nation has been struggling economically with crushing inflation, a falling currency, and particularly low foreign reserves. Pakistan needs BS economics graduates now more than ever to devise the best economic policies to address the difficulties.  

So, we can say that the scope of the economics degree in Pakistan is great. So, it is not wrong to say that graduates with economics degrees can readily find well-paying professions in Pakistan. In addition, having an economics degree also opens up a wide range of employment prospects worldwide.  

So, the ideal career decision you can make is to major in economics because the field’s scope is currently quite broad and will likely increase in the future. 

Career Pathways of BS Economics Degree 

Students with an economics degree can work in a variety of fields and apply for prominent roles. Whether it is a multinational corporation, a small enterprise, the private sector, or a government organization, you can find a job in any of the sectors.  

So, after receiving your economics degrees in Pakistan, you will have a ton of possibilities. The following are some of the major jobs that you can do: 

  • Investment Analyst 
  • Economist 
  • Financial trader 
  • Financial manager 
  • Banker 
  • Budget analyst 
  • Insurance underwriter 
  • Statistician 
  • Professor 
  • Compliance officer 

And much more.  

Job Market of BS Economics Student 

You can work in either the public sector or you can find a job in private organizations. However, the following is a list of typical employers to whom you should apply: 

  • Investment banking 
  • Financial sector 
  • NGO’s 
  • Government Economic Cells and Departments  
  • Insurance Companies 
  • Private sector – Finance and Accounting Department 
  • Risk Assessment companies  

What Will You Do as an Economist? 

As an economist, your duties will include:  

  • Study economic concerns. 
  • Conduct surveys and data collection. 
  • Use mathematical models, statistical tools, and software to analyze data. 
  • You will present your research results in reports, tables, and charts. 
  • Analyze and predict market trends. 
  • Offer guidance on economic issues to organizations, institutions, and consumers. 
  • Give tips for addressing the economy’s issues. 
  • Publish articles in scholarly journals and other publications. 

BS Economics Graduate Salary  

The specialization, experience, and skills of an individual all influence their pay. It also depends on whether they work for a national or international company, in the private or public sector. However, economists in Pakistan can earn up to 900,000 annually on average.  

BS Economics at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University  

Well, if you are looking for the best institute to get your BS economics degree, I would suggest you choose Muhammad Ali Jinnah University. Why? There are so many reasons for it. MAJU provides you with both undergrad and post-grad courses in economics.  

You will be learning from the highly experienced faculty in town. The course will teach the fundamental principles of the field. In addition to a high-quality education, you will also enjoy a well-balanced campus life. So, secure your seat at MAJU right now.