Academic Calender


Dates Days Week Activity
11th Aug, 2016 Thur Last date for first installment (New Intake)
14th Aug, 2016 Sun Independence Day
18th to 23rd Aug, 2016 Thur to Wed Online Registration – Programs wise
1st Sept. 2016 Thur Last date to apply for Program Transfer
6th, 7th to 8th Sept, 2016 Tue, Wed & Thur Last dates for fee Deposit – On going (Program- Wise)
12th to 14th Sept, 2016 Mon to Wed Eid-ul-Azha
17th Sept, 2016 Sat Orientation New Intake
19th Sept, 2016 Mon 1 Start of Classes
26th Sept & 01st Oct, 2016 Mon & Sat 2 Comprehensive Exam
10th & 11th Oct, 2016 Mon to Tue 4 Ashura (Holidays)
8th Nov, 2016 Tue 8 Last date to submit DMC (New Intake)
11th Nov, 2016 Fri 8 Last date to deposit 2nd Installment
12th to 19th Nov, 2016 Sat to Sat 8 & 9 Mid Term Exam
23th Nov, 2016 Wed 10 Mid Term Result Notification
05th Dec, 2016 Mon 12 Full Dress Rehearsal for Convocation 2016
06th Dec, 2016 Tue 12 Convocation 2016
09th Dec, 2016 Fri 12 Last Date to Withdraw Courses
12th Dec, 2016 Mon 13 Eid-Milaad un-Nabi (PBUH) (Holiday)
25th Dec, 2016 Sun 15 Quaid-e-Azam Birthday (Holiday)
13th Jan, 2017 Fri 17 End of Classes
14th to 16th Jan, 2017 Sat to Mon 17 & 18 Final Exam Preparation
16th Jan, 2017 (4 PM) Mon 18 Last Date for Correction in Pre-finals *
17th to 27th Jan, 2017 Tue to Fri 18 & 19 Final Exam
31st Jan, 2017 Tue 20 Grades Notification

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